Chris Ford - 71 Norman Road, Rugby, CV21 1DL
tel 01788 879004  e-mail ttspares@talktalk.net.

All prices quoted are for ' Each ' individual item - unless otherwise stated.
Loco axles.Locating square on ends                                                           £4.00
Handrail knob with washer and nuts for locos                                             £1.40
Brass slotted head round nut for threaded axles                                         £0.60p
Control rod knob ball ended(steel) 7B.A. or 9B.A                                        £1.25p
Control rod knob with shank and rounded end (brass)                                 £1.25p
Crank pins plain section. 2.5mm/5mm/8mm long state which size                £1.00
Side plate axle brushed (brass)                                                                  £1.00
Brass buffers (describe or send sample)                                                      £1.50p
Bogie axle- knurled ends - to suit Royal Scot etc                                          £1.50p
Buffers for 'Blood & Custard' coach (brass with nut)                                     £1.50p
Four Wheel clockwork mech. drive axle/pinion knurled ends                          £6.00
Four Wheel clockwork mech.. plain axle, knurled ends                                  £2.00  
Reverse gears including rivet ( send samples or damaged gear)                     £5.00
Male Key                                                                                                   £5.00
Coupling (round end)                                                                                 £2.25p
Coupling (straight end)                                                                              £2.25p
Coach buffers (white metal casting) oval head                                              £0.50p
Spoked tender wheels                                                                                 £3.00p
Knurled bogie axle                                                                                     £1.50p
Small bogie wheel 'Duke of York' etc                                                            £2.50p
Large telegraph pole base                                                                           £2.50p
Enterprise Loco cab water level plug                                £2.50p 

08 May 2012
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