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Safety valve                                                                                   £7.00
Boiler level Plug                                                                              £2.00
Handrail knobs                                                                               £1.25p
Large nut to suit front boiler fixing                                                   £1.50p 
Brass Buffer                                                                                   £1.50p
Level plug - fuel                                                                              £2.00   
Threaded axle (bogies or 1st axle)                                                    £1.50p
Threaded axle plus two nuts (drive axle)                                           £2.00
Domed nut for crank pin                                                                  £0.50p
Brass hex-head cylinder bolts                                                           £1.00p
Coach bogie pivot pin and nuts                                                         £1.50p
Bogie wheel for 4-4-0 loco                                                                £4.00
Bogie swivel & stud nuts                                                                   £1.50p
Tender axles                                                                                    £2.00 
Replacement boiler insert tapped to suit (solder in place)                    £1.50p
Coach roof ventilators                                                                       £1.50p
Coach axles                                                                                     £1.50p
Knurled nut to located fuel tank                                                         £1.50p
Vented fuel filler plug                                                                        £1.50p
Wick covers                                                                                     £1.50p      
Stud spring nut to secure piston to cylinder block                                £1.00
Tender wheel                                                                                   £4.00
Cast fluted coupling rod with 3/8"dia. piston (no felt pad)
for  234 loco                                                                      per pair    £8.00                                                                                                                            
Coach Wheels                                                                                   £3.00
08 May 2012
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