'O' GAUGE - Many original parts supplied by Keith Ward are available eg loco cab roofs, tender parts, valve castings, PE parts; I also make parts, ring me and see if I can help.
All prices quoted are for ' Each ' individual item - unless otherwise stated.


     Chris Ford - 71 Norman Road, Rugby, CV21 1DL

   tel 01788 879004  or  e-mail ttspares@talktalk.net.

Buffer head/spindle/spring retainer for hydraulic buffer stops                             £3.00
Main cylinder & brass end to push into main beam                                             £3.00
Celluloid for signal spectacles, red green or amber pieces  3"x4"                        £0.40p     
Knurled brass nut for electrical accessories '0' gauge 6 BA,                                 £1.00
flat top or waisted for terminal rail
Knurled brass nut for electrical meccano type 5/32 BSW                                     £1.00
Knurled brass electric earth connection                                                              £1.00
Telegraph pole with Collar & nut to bolt through base                              
can be drilled for 2 or 3 crossbars ( state which)                                               £2.50p
T/pole crossbar and rivet ( drilled for insulators)                                               £1.50p
T/pole insulators and fixing pin for item No 17                                                  £0.40p
Tree base, finished brown                                                                               £1.50p
Bogie fixing bolt with washer (state which loco)                                                £1.50p
Bogie Spring                                                                                                   £1.00
Brass knobs for loco control rods ( 6,7,9,10 BA)                                               £1.25p
Crank pins 'push in' type. State long, short or loco type.                                   £0.75p
Crank pins threaded for No2 or No 3 type locos. State long or short.                  £1.25p
Hexagon nut to suit crank pins Ref no5                                  above                 £0.75p
Round wheel nuts- slotted head for No2 or No 3 mechanisms
tapped 4BA or 5BA (electric or clockwork)                                                        £0.75p
6 BA in brass for Basett-Lowke                                                                       £0.50p
Safety valve (turned in steel) for no 3 locos with threaded
shank and nut, unpainted                                                                                £1.00
Turned rivet for Loco front couplings (brass or steel)                                         £0.50p
Replacement nut & bolt for fixing mechanism to loco body (state loco)                £1.00
Final drive pinion/axle for clockwork mechanism                                                £6.00
PE valve for fire box top                                                                                   £2.00
Early loco buffer beam lamp, white metal casting                                               £1.00
Bogie/pony truck axles (knurled ends)                                                             £1.25p
Axles for No1 & No2 mechs to suit 149" holes knurled for push fit wheels             £2.00
No2 clockwork mech threaded both ends (5BA) with quartering pins                    £3.00
All other mechanical axles made
Nord Tender bogie fixing nut & bolt                                                                 £1.00
Hand rail knobs with nut to fix (all locos except PE)                                          £2.00p
Cab grab rails No 2 Spl tank                                                                           £1.50p
Brass whistle No 2 Spl tank/compound/yorkshire                                             £1.50p
Bogie frame (finished black) to suit No2 Spl tank/No 3 locos
Royal Scot etc                                                                                               £9.50p
Special Loco Bogie frame                                                                              £10.50p
Pony truck with weight (finished black) to suit above locos                               £9.50p
Loco buffer (cast in white metal)                                                                    £0.50p
Brass Bush cap, early 6 volt mech.                                                                 £2.00
Brass bush cap, 20 volt mech                                                                         £2.00
Hexagon reverse knob for PE                                                                          £1.00
Tender vacuum pipe (cast in white metal)                                                        £1.25p
Loco vacuum pipe (cast in white metal)                                                           £1.25p
Chimney No3 loco (cast in white metal)                                                           £2.00
Chimney No2 loco (cast in white metal)                                                           £2.00
Dome No3 loco (cast in white metal)                                                               £1.25p
Vent dome No3 LMS tender (bolt-on)                                                              £1.50p
Wheels - white metal 'aged'- six spoke bogie/pony for No2 & No3 locos              £2.50p
Eight spoke tender                                                                                         £3.00                                                                                                                                                            
Brass coach roof screw (straight knurling)                                                       £1.50p
Brass coach roof screw (diagonal knurling)                                                      £1.50p
Stanchions for No1 & No2 lumber & fibre wagons, bolt through bolster,
complete with nut: state diameter of collar (125" or 145")                                £1.00
Door ferrules for early coaches and wagons                                                     £1.00p
Door handle for 1921-1923 covered fridge van                                                 £1.00
Shouldered steel bolt for bogie pivot on early No2 wagon & coaches                   £1.00
Threaded 'rivet' & nuts for loco couplings, particularly useful where
head is inaccessible ie No1 & No2 Spl tanks                                                       £1.00
Pulley for early crane truck jib                                                                        £1.00
Complete assembly nose cone/fan/shaft/pulley for snow plough                        £7.00
Driving axle & pulley for snow plough for press-on wheels                                £1.50p
Knurled axle for snow plough                                                                         £1.00
Threaded rod & 2 knurled brass nuts for tankers etc                                        £2.00
Rod threaded one end only with nut                                                               £1.50p
Small brass buffer & nut                                                                                £1.50p
Large brass buffer & nut                                                                                £1.75p
Axle with split pins for nut & bolt wagon                                                         £1.50p
No2 crane truck pivot bolt                                                                              £1.00
Chimney for brake van with threaded tail bolt through roof                               £1.00
Support 'hoops' for tarpaulin wagons                                                              £1.50p
Brass roller pick-up for metro coaches                                                             £1.25p
Wagon buffer (cast in white metal)                                                                 £0.50p
Hook for breakdown crane (red or black)                                                         £2.25p
Wheels - white metal 'aged' - mansell coach                                                    £2.50p
Square nut 6 BA (brass or steel)                                                                     £0.30p
Drop link only for auto coupling                                                                      £1.00p
Drop link coupling  (long link)                                                                        £2.25p
Drop link coupling (short link)                                                                        £2.25p 
 Pack of 10 eyelets for couplings                                                               £1.00p
 Automatic coupling (complete)                                                                 £2.25p
No3 tender brake column      L.M.S.                                                           £2.00p
No3 tender brake                 L.N.E.R.                                                        £2.00p
No3 tender brake                 G.W.                                                            £2.00p
 No3 Tender handrail (rod/2cast knobs)                                                      £2.00p
No2 Special Loco cab handrail (rod/2castknobs)                                           £2.00p
 Plastic Rolling stock wheel                                                                          75p
 Tinplate Rolling stock wheel                                                                     £1.00p
 Rolling Stock gagged axle                                                                           75p
 Petrol tanker cast filler top                                                                       £1.50p
 Milk tanker 2top inlet valves                                                   PER PAIR     £2.00p
 Milk tanker drain cock                                                                              £1.00p
BEV truck                                                                                                     £1.25p
Tractor/dumper/bulldozer                                                                              £1.20p
Sports car driver                                                                                           £1.20p
Civilian car driver                                                                                          £1.20p
Army driver or passenger (small)                                                                    £0.60p
Herringbone/treaded, black or grey                                                                 £0.60p
50's CARS
Smooth (no tread) black or white                                                                    £0.50p
Solid type, black or white                                                                               £0.50p
 Early snowplough door (square handle)                                                    £4.50p
 Cement wagon top flap                                                                          £2.50p
  Coupling rod 0-4-0 later loco  (2.250" axle centres )                                  £2.50p
 Piston/connecting rod  0-4-0  later loco                                                     £3.50p
 Coupling rod No1.Special  loco.   (electric )                                                £2.50p
 Coupling rod No1.Special loco     (clockwork)                                              £2.50p
 Piston rod/connecting rod  No1.Special loco                                                £3.50p
 Coupling rod Early No2 Mech (2.550" axle centres)                                       £2.50p
 Coupling rod No3 Mech (2.500" axle centres )                                              £2.50p
 Coach end blanking plate  (finished black)                                                   £1.50p
08 May 2012
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